Our Handmade Christmas 2011 | Part 1

With the holiday season coming to a close…

I’m ready to share all of the wonderful gifts we made as a part of our handmade Christmas. Every year we have so much fun putting thought and time into our gifts, and these are some of the things that we made this season:

My burly blacksmith man made most of our holiday gifts this year { thanks for that, by the way, Ryan! }. He hammered away at piping hot metals, and made the above works of art – letter openers, grill forks, towel racks, S hooks, bottle openers, etc. I was thoroughly impressed, and so were our family and friends! It feels good to be with such a manly man.

For the remainder of our list, I whipped up the following:

For my Mom | I printed a photo of Ryan + I, one of my sister and her husband, and one of my brother with his wife and children. I pasted these to brown paper squares, stretched pretty fabric in embroidery hoops, then secured the photos in the center by stitching them in place with thick thread. I think they’ll look just lovely on my parents’ living room walls.

For Sarah | My photo printer got quite the work out this year! I printed out these little memories of time spent with my niece and nephew and stuck them onto magnetic sheeting for my sister-in-law. LG { the little lady in the photos } happily stuck them up on their fridge at home, and I hear she quite liked rearranging them. Perhaps she has a future in design?

For LG | Speaking of my niece, I made her this mini-tote for her holiday gift! When I was little, my brother used to call me the bag lady because I was always toting things around. It seemed only appropriate that I pass the torch! Now he gets to see his daughter fill up her bags for no good reason just as I used to.

For Caleb | My brother and his wife showed us the Put A Bird On It skit from Portlandia, so when I saw this mobile I thought of them. Conveniently, they have a little in need of a mobile! Thus, a gift was born. This is the only gift that we gave that neither Ryan nor I made ourselves, however, it was handmade right here in Maine by Lindy!

That’s it for Part 1 of our holiday gift giving — the things that we gave to others. Next week I’ll share all of the things that Ryan + I made or tracked down for each other. There are also a few more that I have made but have yet to be given! I hope to share those as well in the future.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Our Handmade Christmas 2011 | Part 1

  1. Ryan says:

    thanks for showing off my blacksmithing, and thanks for making me sound so manly! One would think that I’m compensating for something. Hahaha! Your post is beautiful. Let’s upgrade your blog!

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