A Bow Tie Display | DIY How-To

I’ve been making a lot of bow ties lately.

So, naturally, I had to come up with a way to display them. The modern gentleman that I envision will most like my ties probably also likes the rustic aesthetic { if he’s anything like Ryan + friends }. Thus, the twig bow tie holder is born!

It was so easy to make this — took me about 15 minutes. I stopped by the park to gather up some sticks, got my hot glue gun ready with plenty of spare glue sticks, and borrowed Ryan’s pocket knife to use the saw option. Once I was set up at the table with some newspaper under my work space, the process was easy!

I cut all of the sticks up into equal lengths with the saw, then starting with the biggest ones I hot glued them together. I added more and more to the outside until I had used up all of my sticks and was satisfied with the size. The stick bundle on its own could be a neat display piece if you wrapped a length of twine or burlap around part of it. I bet you could even fit a tea light in the top if you cut the middle sticks a half inch or so shorter than the rest!

Ties will be up in my shop this week for purchase if you have someone in mind! I’ve given them out to a few of our friends here, and the reactions have been very gratifying.

See you again tomorrow!


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