Annette’s Story

Ryan with his Grandmother and some of her knitting.

This Christmas when we went back to New Hampshire, we got the chance to see Ryan’s Grandmother whom we don’t see very often. She gave us both hugs, then asked us immediately if we worked for Goodwill. When we said “yes”, she showed us two huge plastic bags that were brimming with hats and scarves she had knit to donate.

I was in awe of her work and her generosity. Then she went on to tell me why she felt so fondly toward the organization of our employment, and I was brought to tears to hear it all. She let me type it up to share on the Goodwill blog, and I’d love for you to have a chance to read it, too.

It feels so wonderful to work for an organization that is focused on bringing happiness and security to others who have challenges in their lives. I come home from work every day feeling very tired, but also knowing that I’ve done something good for someone else, and that makes all the difference.

Click here to read Annette’s story, and don’t forget to support your local Goodwill by donating when you can, and buying from their retail stores. You’re not just cleaning out unwanted items from your home, or buying things you need, you’re helping real people in your area find assistance where they might need it.

Happy Saturday!


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