Dream Diner

Clearly, I’m in love with our new breakfast nook.

We set it up this afternoon and kicked a couple of other pieces of furniture out to the curb { or to Goodwill } to make room for it. Our rule is one thing in, one thing out. I love to go thrifting and find amazing pieces like this, but if I didn’t also make sure to part with some of the older stuff we have, then we’d be on an episode of Hoarders by now.

It will be so nice to eat here together when we can take down our awful thermal curtains and let the sun shine in! I love winter a lot, but the lack of sunshine really bums me out sometimes. When insulated curtains are required, it can feel like you’re living in a cave. Thus, I count on exciting little finds like this, moving our furniture around, and ice cream to keep my cheery. Yes, ice cream cures pretty much anything.

It’s so nice to finally have a designated dining spot — makes me feel like a real grown up. We got our last dining table over the summer, but it was tiny and didn’t have any chairs, so it never really felt like an eating place. Now there’s no doubt about it! The appropriate spot for it seemed to be under our picnic table art by Alisha Gould. The colours are very similar, too, so it’s just perfect!

Alas, it is getting late. Our dinner has been finished for some time now, and I’m milking all the time I can out of the day to enjoy this new blogging -ahem- eating spot. But it’s time to get my pjs on and settle in for a movie with my darling and our latest Videoport pick.

Shirley MacLaine, here I come!


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