ModSwap Excitement!

Months ago, ModCloth selected me to co-host a clothing swap!

For several reasons, I haven’t been able to establish solid plans for hosting until now, so I’m just starting to get really excited about the details of the event. They sent a box of goodies to help me get started including several brand new ModCloth pieces { like the necklace in the photos } ! The lovely lady I was going to co-host with isn’t able to participate any longer, so Ryan stepped in to help out. Since we’re snowed in together today, it seemed like the perfect day to sit down and make some to-do lists to ensure that our swap is special.

We’ve got the theme + a date picked out, a detailed list of decor + party favours, and the invitations are ready to be sent. I’m getting so excited that I just had to share! Things are starting to come together and my imagination is running wild with visions of the swap itself. I’m sure that everyone will go home with some truly fantastic finds.

February 21st can’t come soon enough!


P.s. Yes, that necklace designed by miss james of bleubird vintage is included in the swap! Thanks, ModCloth!

6 thoughts on “ModSwap Excitement!

  1. Lauren says:

    listen, i know this is awesome for you and everything, but i am WAY too busy being jealous in an unhealthy way to tell you how excited i am for you. i’m sorry. i’ll try and get over it soon, because this is so awesome for you and you’re going to have an amazing time.

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Haha! Lauren, I’d invite you in a second if we were on the same continent! Will you be here in spirit at least?


    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Me, too! It would be so much fun to extend the invitation to a larger group, but unfortunately at this point I only have a small space to work with. As it is, we are trying to cram 20 or so guests into our one bedroom apartment!


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