Photobooth Friday – No. 22

Snapshots from our week:

| highlights |

We’ve been kitty-sitting for Ryan’s uncle all week, so we’ve spent lots of time in his beautiful bungalow. I’m so taken by the details of his home, the mid-century fixtures, the half shutters in the windows, and the wonderful little extras. Although the house has a sort of spooky vibe to it, I just love being there.

Last weekend our friends had a big birthday party at Slainte for everyone who has had a recent birthday { there are a lot of them, it seems! }. Ryan, David, + Don each played some songs for us, Liz made cupcakes, and we all danced well into the night. All of the boys wore the bow ties I made them, too — it felt so wonderful to have their support.

Is there anything as comforting as coming home, setting down your keys + such, and relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea? I think not. I looked forward to that moment all day last Sunday, and it was picture perfect when it finally arrived.

Have a great weekend, all.


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