Photobooth Friday — No. 24

Snapshots from our week:

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Last Saturday I thrifted with Chelsea + Samantha. I found this fun little hat { that I can’t stop wearing } and the next day a bird pooped on it. Ryan tells me this is good luck. I beg to differ.

We went on our first multiple couple date skipping right over a double date to a triple date! We met up at Novare Res for their Valentine’s Day beer + chocolate pairing, then came back up to our house for board games. I always really love walking around the city in jovial groups like we did on that night. It was, coincidentally, the night before Valentine’s Day, so we were keeping our eyes peeled for the bandit. We may actually have passed him { or her } unwittingly, we’re not sure. But we did happen to see the giant heart pictured hanging from the WCSH6 building.

On the 14th, it was heart pancakes for breakfast, heart gawking around town, then we each picked out a new album at the record store. For dinner I cooked since he does nearly all of our cooking and I wanted to give him a break. We had a cozy night in watching Anonymous and soaking our feet.

Today I heard the very first spring bird of the season. The temperature was 45 degrees fahrenheit, and I’m worried that crocuses are going to start accidentally popping up only to be frozen again before spring comes. It certainly was a nice thought, though, to hear the sounds of warmer weather and feel a warmer breeze. Spring is such a lovely season.

Happy Friday, all.


4 thoughts on “Photobooth Friday — No. 24

  1. Lei says:

    Sorry to hear about the Hat being pooped on-But, sorry honey,Tell Ryan that it wasn’t good luck for you as it was for the bird! Sounds like you had a wonderful

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      You’re right! I bet that bird was aiming! Although, perhaps the hat was good luck because if I wasn’t wearing it then he would have pooped on my head!


      • Lei says:

        And there you have it, another variation of the bird poop saga! All by the way are too funny! Love your blog, Julia! You keep us all well informed and entertained- Thank you for doing what you do-you are the best at it! Hugs!

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