Here are more details from my swapping event:

The swap went off without a hitch! Our guests started arriving around 7 pm with bags full of clothing and accessories that they no longer wanted for themselves. These were pieces that either didn’t fit properly, weren’t worn very often, or had been loved a lot by their previous owners but were now ready for a change. With such a stylish crowd, there were plenty of gems ready to find new homes and I think everyone left happy at the end of the night. ModCloth sent a dress, a top, and a jacket to contribute, as well as two fantastic necklaces – all brand new – and I found myself drooling over several pairs of shoes that came in with our attendees.

While the bulk of the swappers sat down in the living room to enjoy some kettle corn, muddy buddies, cookies, and cocktails, both of us Julias went into the swap room { aka. my bedroom } to sort through the mounds of clothing. As we sorted, we could hear laughter and conversation pouring out of the living room along with the playlist that I created for the event.  I was really nervous since it was my first time hosting a swap, but when I heard those giggles I couldn’t help but smile.

In keeping with our mid-century camping theme, we organized each category of clothing — pants, tops, menswear, etc. —  into vintage suitcases and labeled them with brown paper and twine. We hung dresses and jackets on the rolling rack that Ryan and I made as one of our Valentine’s Day activities. Then only moments into the swapping action, ready-to-be-loved clothing was excitedly scattered about atop our Pendleton-esque wool blanket, and swappers were falling in love with new { to them } finds.

When we all had filled our totes to the brim, we sat down again in the living room for round two of snacks and drinks, and gabbed about our new swap scores. I had made some peter pan collars, girl scout ties, and even a scalloped collar to give away as free swag to my guests and this was the time to hand them out. There is nothing more satisfying that a full belly, good company, and a bag full of newly acquired clothing to style.

Over all, it was a wonderful night. The guys didn’t really seem as into it as us ladies  { we did have a small section for men! }, but that was fine because we needed all the space we could get for trying things on, stashing our already filled bags { as we went back in for more }, and tossing the pieces we had each decided against. Michelle has already done a write-up on the event for and one on her own blog, as well! And Ashley showed off her finds, too! Make sure you have a peek at their perspectives before you dash away to your other favourite internet spots.

Would you host your own clothing swap?


P.s. Special thanks to ModCloth and for sponsoring the event! It was a truly fantastic opportunity!

11 thoughts on “ModSwap!

  1. Christine says:

    Great playlist! Wish I lived in Portland (although not only to have attended your swap,I love that city! hihi!!) I would love to host a clothing swap, I think I may do just that 🙂

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      You certainly should, Christine! It was such a fun and inexpensive way to clean out my closet and get new goodies to wear! I’ll be coming up with a list of tips for swappers and posting it on the Goodwill Industries of Northern New England blog. That may give you some good ideas for your own swap 🙂


    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thanks for checking it out, Rebecca! You have great taste so I’m flattered that you like my post (/event). The cart is definitely one of my favourite yard sale finds of all time 🙂


    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Oh my goodness, wow! I probably would have paid more, as well, seeing as I love kitchen carts and had been looking for one for awhile, but I didn’t realize quite how lucky I was until now!

      Yeah, I lucked out! It was a vintage yard sale and the funny thing is that the cart wasn’t even supposed to be for sale. They had wheeled it out of their garage to display their mug and radio collections, but what I really wanted was the cart. I asked how much it was and the lady said she hadn’t considered selling it. Then she asked me how much I was willing to pay! I went home with it for just $8!


  2. CamiK says:

    I have been trying to figure out how to arrange and organize a swap for our girls dorm where I am at school. Any ideas and places to help? Followed your link from facebook with Modsquad! Thanks so much!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Definitely! I have a blog post in the works about Swap tips! I’ll make sure to post a link on the ModSquad page when it’s up and running.

      When I was planning mine I first tried to think of a theme and how many people I was going to invite. After that most things fell into place. That’ll get you started until I share the more detailed tips in my next post!


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