Photobooth Friday — No. 25

Snapshots from our week:

| highlights |

What a whirlwind of a week! The most exciting part was without a doubt hosting the ModSwap. I had been dreaming and scheming about this event for months and finally it came to fruition in the most wonderful way. I realized that I really love party planning. It’s strange how we can still be learning things about ourselves after decades of living inside these heads. Should I have realized this by now? Eh, either way, I’m glad to know it now.

Also lovely, my best friend was able to attend the party, coming up to stay with us from New Hampshire. It’s wonderful that we still have the same connection we had in third grade, and that though we’ve both grown and changed so much, it seems to have happened in the same general direction so we can share new ideas with one another. The one doing the listening is still just as excited as the one doing the telling.

You may recall that I was worried last week about the crocuses coming up only to be crushed by our New England frost, and I’m sad to say that it may be the case. I noticed tiny green arms reaching up through the dirt last weekend on a particularly warm day, and then we had snow on Tuesday night. I’m hoping my very hardest that they’ll be able to pull through, those sturdy little flowers. Send them your strongest wishes if you’ve got the chance!

Happy Friday!


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