My ModSwap Finds!

It’s been a full week since the ModSwap!

You’ve seen photos of the event, and you’ve seen what a couple of my guests took home, but you haven’t yet seen the lovely pieces that I picked out for myself! I’ve already worn each article at least once {I can’t seem to stop wearing my new heels!}, and I wanted to share them all with you. Here are some photos of two looks I’ve constructed around my new Swap finds:

Look 1 makes me feel like the fanciest of all the Girl Scouts { Watch out, Troop Beverly Hills! }. The neck tie is one of my newest creations, and several of the other pieces in this look were acquired at the Swap. There is really something to be said about skirts, I’m finding. Although you might not really think it, skirts are so much more comfortable than pants! I guess I always used to consider myself a jeans + tee-shirt girl because they seem comfy and lax, but what I’ve come to find is that it’s the exact opposite. Denim is restrictive! The drape of skirts makes me feel both relaxed and fancy at the same time — I’m in love!

Look 2 will be perfect for summer { but I just couldn’t wait! }. Pairing warm-weather dresses with a cardigan and tights brings a pop of colour and excitement into dreary winter days. They say we’ll be having up to twelve inches of snow tonight so I may end up putting this dress back on to make summer feel less far away. I love winter, but usually by the time that March rolls around I’m ready for some romping around town in colourful dresses.

By the way, it’s the same deal with dresses as with skirts — comfy and cozy. Plus, when you wear a dress it’s just so much easier to style. You don’t have to find a top and a bottom that match; the dress has got you completely covered! What’s not to love about that? From here on out, I’m buying only skirts and dresses unless I happen to fall in love with a certain pair of pants. Trousers, too, are incredibly comfortable, so I suppose I won’t rule those out just yet.

As you can tell, I made out very well. I got these two tops above as well as so many bits + pieces of the two outfits photographed. I hope the other girls were as happy with their scores as I am with mine! I wish you all could have been there to keep us company.

Have a lovely evening!


4 thoughts on “My ModSwap Finds!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thank you! I love knowing that my clothing has a story behind it {even when I don’t know the story, ha!}. Makes everything so much more interesting 🙂


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