Grandpa’s War Journal | Next On My Reading List

I’m a very lucky lady.

I have had so many amazing role models in my life, and two of the most inspiring are my maternal grandparents. I often write about my Grandmother because I seem to have inherited a lot of her creativity { I even wear some of the things she had  long ago sewn for my Mom, and do my stitching on her sewing machine }, but I don’t want to neglect telling you about her husband, Stanley, and his equally respectable character.

Recently, his World War II journal was published, and I was given one of the very first copies. My family found it among his belongings when he passed away in 2002, and my Great Uncle Bob { who really is great! } painstakingly transcribed it into type. I remember looking through all of the photographs that are included, for there are many, and newspaper clippings about his efforts, as well. But I had never sat down to read the whole book until I began it the other night.

It feels completely surreal to embark on this journey with him. I keep forgetting that he’s my Grandfather, as he describes the heaviness of the cannoned ship in which he crossed the ocean. And when he speaks of his last sighting of the Boston skyline, I wonder how different it must have looked then to him than it would now to me. I also continually find myself imagining where my Grandmother, his future wife, would have been as he willingly heads toward the warfront and away from her.

My reading list will have to wait for a little while. For, when my Mom handed me this newly bound journal, it immediately took precedence.

Sundays are made for reading.


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