Painted Snow | DIY How-To

What could be more exciting than a gigantic white canvas?

In fact, that’s what a fresh blanket of snow is to me! My Mom came up with this idea when I was little, and I spent the rest of the day outside “painting” the house that I had made for myself out of snow! I made short walls to encompass my little home, then built chairs, beds, + tables out of snow, painting them as my mother had showed me to reveal a very colourful little snow den!

Here’s what you’ll need for supplies:

Step 1 | Drop two drops of your desired colour into the spray bottle. Step 2 | Fill all the way up with water. Step 3 | Swirl around until the colour is evenly mixed in. Step 4 | Set bottle to the mist setting. Step 5 | Paint the biggest picture of your life!

I’d love to see your finished product!


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