Blackberry // Rosemary // Honey Cocktail | DIY How-To

We call it Berry Picking In The Woods.

It’s a cocktail our friend Kaylon developed for my mid-century camping themed ModSwap last month, and it was such a crowd pleaser then that I’ve decided to make it again to share with you! Try it out for your next hosting event, or just for a Friday night at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

We used 2 bags of frozen blackberries, two generous squirts of honey, plain soda water, and four sprigs of rosemary in the original recipe. Kaylon suggests Beefeater gin because of its especially pine-y taste, but we’ve just got Gordon’s here and it’s quite tasty. Make sure you have a medium sized pot, a fine strainer, a stirring spoon, a shaker { we just used a mason jar }, gin, and some ice, as well. Now you’re ready to get started!

You’re done with the cooking part! The rest is easy – ha! After transferring your berry syrup into a container of some sort, you may begin mixing the drink to enjoy.

A mason jar will work just perfectly in place of a real drink shaker. We haven’t got one, so we just make do, but it’s great to have tools + utensils that serve a dual purpose anyway. One day we’re storing soup in our mason jar, the next day we’re mixing drinks in it!

We didn’t have any soda water tonight, so Ryan + I just had the berry syrup and gin. He thought it was actually even better because the flavours were more pronounced! Play around with it to see how you like it, and any time you’re in Portland look up my friend Kaylon { the creator of the cocktail } who cooks at 555!

Thanks for stopping by!


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