Mix CD Party | Things I Love

Ryan + I attended a mix cd party last night!

Each person brought a mix that they made and plopped it down with the rest on the coffee table in the center of the party. Throughout the night the cds were played and when you left you got to take one home with you! Our brilliant friend David concocted the idea and along with his two lovely roommates, Samantha + Chelsea, he hosted the lively event.

Not only did we have a blast making our mixes { can you guess which one in the picture is mine + which is Ryan’s? }, but we also got to take home two brand new cds! I can’t wait to pop them in while we drive around with the windows down in this gorgeous spring-like weather!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


4 thoughts on “Mix CD Party | Things I Love

  1. Natasha says:

    SUCH a cool idea! Love this as a way to bring back the “mix CD”. And driving around in the spring with the windows down while listening to a mix CD is pretty much the happiest thing ever.
    xo, Natasha

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      I know! I had to work until 10 pm that night and I was so sad that the party might be over by the time I got there, but it wasn’t! As soon as we walked in they put my cd on — I was so excited to share my music and dance with everyone to it!


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