Yesterday I did something bold.

I made nearly every single item in my shop half-price. I’ve never really put my pieces on sale before because in the past I was just making things because I enjoy making them. However, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of my shop, and I’ve decided that on April 1st I’m going to close up for a little while. I’ve been open since the spring of 2008, and it’s about time to make some serious changes. Here are a few of the sale pieces waiting for you right now:

If my closing makes you sad, never fear! I’ll be back after making some changes {I’ll keep blogging regularly – phew!} and the shop will be better than ever! But things will look a little bit different. While my shop is closed up I’ll be working hard behind the scenes to breathe new life into the Jeeze, Julia! brand, and to bring forth a crisper, clearer vision of my work. So, until April 1st, my shop will be experiencing major mark-downs. If there’s anything you’ve been fawning over, now is certainly the time to purchase since it may not be back…ever. Help me make a little room for some brand new listings by purchasing that piece you’ve had on your favourites list for months!

Get it while it’s hot!


Remember – most of my shop is now half off, but on April 1st it’ll be gone for good!

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