Chalkboard Clipboard | DIY How-To

Here’s an idea: a clipboard turned chalkboard!

Sometimes I need to jot a little note to my honey accompanying the grocery list or some similar document. I decided to paint a clipboard with chalkboard paint the other day so we can quickly and easily communicate on our busiest days. Voila! A message board complete with a clip to hold things in place!

One of my resolutions for Valentine’s Day was to write Ryan more love notes throughout the year, and this will be a fun way to do so. We both work long shifts over the weekend, and it sometimes feels like we only briefly bump into each other from Friday to Monday, so with a little clipboard like this we can remind one another to pay bills, pick something up at the market, or return our movies even if we don’t see each other! Here’s how to make one for your home:

You’ll need to fasten back the clip { or disassemble it } so the paint underneath has time to dry. I used a thick twine to keep it in place, but a lot of things could work. Just make sure that whatever you use is sturdy enough to hold for two days and you’ll be set! I purchased this twine at the hardware store, the clipboard is thrifted from Goodwill and the chalkboard paint is from The Merchant Company here in Portland.

I painted three coats on, letting each one dry for at least an hour in between. Every paint will most likely have slightly different directions, so I’d make sure to read them before starting just in case they differ from the instructions mine gave.

Waiting for it to be completely dry is definitely the hardest part. I was so eager to get this puppy up and start using it today! I can’t wait to see how we’ll use it in the future. It has so much possibility. I’d love to see what you come up with if you should decide to give the project a try yourself! There are so many different colours available in chalkboard paint these days, and there are even instructions online of how you can make it yourself!

Have so much fun!


10 thoughts on “Chalkboard Clipboard | DIY How-To

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Yeah, I know just what you mean about the appeal of office supplies. I’ve always attributed it to the excitement of the back-to-school season and how I’d pick + choose my school supplies so carefully for each new year, thinking of all of the wonderful things that might happen to me with the change of grade.


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