Photobooth Friday – No. 29

Our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

This week did not feel real! The weather has been unbelievable. Sure, New England is known for its weather mood swings, but 85 degrees in March? That’s unheard of. Ryan + I stayed with his parents on Tuesday night and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to sit inside. I swear the whole visit took place on their back porch — it was ideal. We opened the windows, put on our bare feet, + yesterday I had my very first iced coffee of the year.

On Monday night I happened to be browsing around a favourite thrift store when I bumped into a couple-friend of ours. Kate + Justin were looking for furniture for their new apartment and I happened to spot the most amazing mid-century danish hutch. It had me drooling the moment I set eyes on it, and the sellers mis-priced it so it was an absolute steal! I convinced our friends to take it home with them {peer pressure! peer pressure!} and I was only a little jealous as they checked out on their way home.

I was shopping downtown {at another thrift store, ha!} and the owner asked about my bow ties! She had seen me posting about them on facebook and such, and she asked if I’d be interested in selling them in her shop! I’m definitely into that idea, so I’ve been working on them with not just my Etsy shop and the Merchant Company in mind — it’s been a good week.

Last Saturday I mentioned that I’ll be re-doing my Etsy shop! It’s half-price right now, and plans are coming together for the grand re-opening on May 1st. I worked on my shipping packaging this week. The winners of my birthday giveaway will be the guinea pigs as far as that goes. Let me know what you think when your packages arrive next week, winners!

Enjoy your weekend!


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