A Little Pantry Polishing

There’s an opportunity for inspiration in every little corner of the world.

Yes, even in the pantry. I’ve seen so many pretty little kitchen pantries via this wonderful internet of ours, that I wanted to share some of our own containers. To me, when things are organized and decorative, they’re easier to enjoy. I’m not really one for cooking or baking, so if I’m ever going to be in the kitchen I’ve got to have something in there that makes it worthwhile before the food is ready to be eaten.

We buy in bulk to keep our grocery bills low and to minimize consumption of packaging, so these large glass jars are the perfect solution to our storage woes. It doesn’t take long to wrap a little twine or yarn around a large jar, or to put some strategically placed little dashes on it with indelible ink, yet once those little tasks are performed your sundries will have a whole new aesthetic.

Labeling jars could be quite fun, too, when using your artsy-fartsy right brain and whatever little scraps of fabric or crafty stuff you have laying around, and spring is the best time for cleaning and organizing!

Have fun with your spring cleaning!


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