Adult Tea Parties | Things I Love

Tea for three, and three for tea.

This afternoon we had our friend Marsha over for a bit of a tea party. One is never too old or too busy for a little tea, I’d say. We sipped while we chatted and stayed out of the cold { it’s been snowing in tiny spurts today! }.

This week’s flower of choice: the tulip. Thanks for picking the prettiest bunch of them all, Ryan. Having fresh blooms inside always improves my mood as we patiently wait for the real spring to arrive and flowers go so nicely with tea, too, I would say.

Don’t you love this 1950s edition of Peter Pan? I thrifted it the other day from Goodwill and thought it fit quite nicely into our tablescape for this tea party. A bit of whimsy is never really out of place, is it?

We’re mid-week now, friends, so you’ve made it over the hump. If you need a little pick-you-up, might I suggest planning some time with friends and hot drinks and good music? It always makes me feel entirely refreshed.

Hang in there!


2 thoughts on “Adult Tea Parties | Things I Love

  1. Natasha says:

    this is making me melt from all of the adorableness! I haven’t had a tea party in YEARS. I want to have one! I love your little teacup image at the top 🙂


    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thank you! You should totally have one! We had so much fun. It was a nice way to put the pause button on life and just enjoy each others’ company again.


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