I’ve Closed Up Shop!

On Saturday night, right before I went to bed, I shut down my shop.

It’s sort of a scary thing to do, when one is used to having an Etsy shop. I opened my little corner of the internet four years ago when I first graduated from college. I was a fresh face to the broad world, and I knew that no matter what I got out of life, I wanted part of it to be something that I had created for myself. However, in the years since opening, I have struggled for a unifying vision for my dream shop. I’ve made everything from sewn bags to paintings, and I’ve also sold vintage. Everything that I listed had a place in my heart, but thinking back on it I can’t believe how humble my beginnings were {not that I’m super successful now, just that I’ve honed a few of my skills since then}.

However, over the past year my inspiration has become more focused. I know my tastes better, and what I want to offer to the world. I’ve figured out what I enjoy making, and what others are interested in buying, and with all of this knowledge I aim to reopen shop in May with all of my Is dotted and my Ts crossed. I’m even going so deep as to study the details of my shop very carefully and work at pulling everything from my for-sale items to my packaging together. I’m offering freebies with each purchase that reflect my shop’s aesthetic, and I’m even soliciting help from a couple of my expert friends in the design and visual set up of the shop!

One thing that won’t change: my commitment to the environment. Nearly all of my paper products {business cards, packing materials} will be made from 100% recycled material. My fabrics are all either reclaimed or organic from WorthyGoodsTextile, and my threads for sewing and the baking twine I use for packaging, are biodegradable cotton. I also try to purchase things as locally as possible. I’ll go into more specific details just before the shop opens back up, but I couldn’t wait to share a little bit with you {-ahem- like the stamp above}!

I’m already excited for the re-opening!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Closed Up Shop!

  1. MrsPeas says:

    Good for you! I just opened my shop in February and I wish i had done more of the T crossing and I dotting. Given what I have learned in a month I am sure your new shop will be a great success!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Yay, welcome to the world of Etsy! You’ll be just fine. And, if you decide later on the clean up your aesthetic or what not, it is quite possible 🙂

      Good luck + have fun with it! I’ll go check out your shop now!


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