Otto | Favourite Portland Haunts

Next stop: Otto!

Ready for the most brilliant business idea in the world? Specialty pizza by the slice open until a ridiculous hour. I must admit that we frequent this establishment {as do most of our friends} on our way home from dancing whenever we go out. Most of the time Ryan + I stay in, but when we do join the gang on the dance floor, Otto becomes an immediate necessity. However, even during the day we sometimes find its draw irresistible.

With reasonable prices, two convenient locations, and the option for delivery by bike, Otto really makes it easy to indulge in their pies. They always have eight different pizzas ready and waiting to be eaten, and the combinations are brilliant. My two favourites: cranberry, squash, and ricotta pizza {perfect for a taste of Thanksgiving any time throughout the year}, and tortellini pizza. That’s right; tortellini pizza. Oh, yes, they did.

Here’s the other beautiful thing: with a bar {Enzo} attached, you can order your pizza at the Otto counter, then shuffle on over to Enzo and wash that beauty down with a locally brewed beer. There’s seating here at the bar and at tables, as well as on the Otto side right by the window for some more great people watching, and on beautiful days like today, there are tables waiting outside!

We’ll miss Otto when we’re gone, but we’re happy to have enjoyed it as much as we have over the past couple of years. I am very picky about pizza, but this passes the test. It’s the only pizza I’ve ever craved, so that’s gotta say something. If you haven’t been here yet, you simply must visit their Congress Street at Forest Ave. location or their slightly larger spot on the East End about halfway up Munjoy Hill.

Have a slice for me!


P.s. Today is my best friend’s birthday! Happy birthday {again}, JC!

6 thoughts on “Otto | Favourite Portland Haunts

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      YOU ARE SO SMART! I never would have thought of that! Have you had Otto? Ryan thought we might have brought you there when you visited.


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