Photobooth Friday – No. 31

Our week in snapshots:

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Another whirlwind of a week! Although, I feel like we made a lot of progress – finally. We heard back from our new landlord that he selected us for his two bedroom apartment, which enabled us to sign our new lease and begin some serious planning for our next chapter. The location of the place is fantastic for a one car family seeing as we’ll be able to walk nearly everywhere that we want to {this is very rare in rural New Hampshire}. I chatted with a shop owner for about an hour and she’s thinking about taking me on part time for a little help!

Our current apartment was on the market for a whopping one day before getting rented to the first and only viewer! I guess he handed over the security deposit as soon as he stepped foot out our door. It’s a pretty neat space and part of me will be a little sad to see it go. Still, the bigger part of me is happy to get the heck outta here and live on Golden Pond {literally}!

I received the final details for another job that I applied for in the fall – I got it! And, it’s my absolute dream job. *On April 20th my first post as a professional blogger for Goodwill Industries International will go live! I’ll be thrifting for an organization I believe in and blogging about it. My two favourite activities! The only way to describe my excitement is to say that I’m over the moon. Good things happen for those who can stand the wait!

While sewing this week I suddenly heard a swarm of helicopters above my house. Remembering just in time what the occasion was, I threw on a jacket and boots and got to the end of my street just in time to see the Presidential motorcade passing by! The street was abuzz with Portland residents waiting to catch a glimpse of Obama as he entered the Museum of Art for an event.

Today I spent several hours making up more products for my shop. I’ve also received some more packaging elements in the mail, and I’m only one to-do away from crumpling up my first list and tossing it in the recycling bin. There is nothing better than doing what you need to do and seeing on paper that it’s complete. I should be able to polish the last task off tomorrow then throw myself fully into phase 2 of my shop’s reopening!

Here’s to spring – the season of rebirth!


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