FIND | Favourite Portland Haunts

Portland certainly has its share of thrift stores, but Find is the best.

Owner Laura Ker carefully selects each piece before adding it to her collection, so that when you’re sifting through her racks you feel like you’re raiding a friend’s closet instead of digging painstakingly through someone else’s cast offs. She knows the current trends and stocks accordingly, and there are always some great vintage finds sprinkled amongst lightly worn H&M, L.L. Bean, and Rogue’s Gallery pieces.

The bulk of the items are second-hand, but there are also brand new Minnetonkas and jewelry made by local artists just waiting for you to take them home. And, as I mentioned the other day, they’re now carrying my bow ties, too!

The central location of this Portland store makes it easily accessible on foot, but don’t forget about their Scarborough location only a short distance from the Maine Mall! Each piece there is just as carefully selected, but the foot traffic is less so you may be more likely to stumble upon a real gem. I once purchased an amazing vintage cape there that remains my favourite thrifted item to date!

And don’t forget – as with most consignment stores, the prices are reasonable for every budget and there’s still always something on sale! Oh, yes, and there’s a great men’s selection, too.

Happy shopping!


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