How’ve You Vanilla Bean?

I make lists. Lots of them.

And sometimes the only way I can motivate myself to complete them is if I offer myself a reward for when I cross off the very last item. A few weeks ago I made a purchase from ModCloth as a reward for the completion of my March to-do list, and was so happy to unwrap this dress when the box arrived. It’s light, and comfortable, and exactly what I want to wear every day this summer {if only summer would arrive}!

I plan on wearing lots of dresses this year. I will be working again in an environment more conducive to fashion, so there will be a lot less of my tee-shirt/jeans/Toms combinations and a lot more fun ensembles. I’ll enjoy getting dressed every morning because I’ll be able to better express myself knowing that I’m dressing up for a day in my shop studio or at a little boutique near our apartment. I will certainly miss elements of my current job, but dressing for it will not be one of them!

Oh, yes, and this must be the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. The material is so light it doesn’t feel like I’m even wearing anything {yikes!}. Plus the simple colours match everything and it’s fancy enough for an event, but casual enough for a day at home – perfect.

What’s your comfiest dress like?


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