Pinecone + Chickadee | Favourite Portland Haunts

When in need of a quirky purchase, Pinecone + Chickadee is the place to go.

Record players, instant cameras and film, typewriters – they’ve got ’em. They also have a wide selection of new indie art, both local and from Etsy artists across the globe. The atmosphere is relaxed for your browsing convenience, and all of the vintage is in nearly perfect condition.

Named for Maine’s State “flower” and bird, Pinecone + Chickadee is an accurate reflection of what our city has to offer to tourists and residents alike. The bright colours and sunny space allow the shopper to clearly see the details of every little treasure and the mid-century decor really inspires!

Every time I go in, I want to take something home so the central location {right on Free Street next to Find} is dangerous for me! The husband and wife team who own this boutique did a fantastic job pulling it all together. The most impressive part? They have so many different styles of products – kitschy, modern, cutesy, classic – yet they somehow still fit it all into one cozy aesthetic!

Have fun browsing if you have the chance to stop by! Make sure you have a look at their neat shadow puppets {forgot to photograph – shoot!}, and purchase something little, if you can. Supporting local shops is so important because you’ll be helping independent artists and designers accomplish their dreams!

Do-something-cool Saturday!


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