Off on a walk-about.

When it’s nice outside, I can’t bear to stay in.

Even if there’s no place that Ryan or I need to go, when the sun comes out, so do we. And it certainly has been bright and beautiful these last few days. Yesterday was the first day of the year that I was able to leave the house without a jacket on {besides those fluke days in the 80s in March!} so summer feels like its already on its way.

My hair’s finally long enough to do some really fun things with it! I tried out a tiny maiden braid with my mini-beehive and fell in love with the look. I am terrible at mornings {thank goodness I have a patient partner}, so I don’t get to do very much before I leave the house for work. On my days off, though, I just love taking the time to play around with stuff like this. I always feel better when I’ve carefully picked out something different to wear and put the time into fixing my hair. It’s not an every day occurrence, but on days like these my outside feels the way my inside does.

T minus 15 days ’til our move, by the way. It won’t be long until we’ll have an entirely new backdrop! Let the packing begin! Anyone feel like doing any of that for us? It’s really exciting to start a new life, but picking up the pieces of the old one can be rather taxing. At least we’ve got our vacation at Sunset Hill House coming up in June!

I hope you’re all taking walks for no reason and watching every little bud wake up from its long winter nap. This is such a magical time of the year!

Have a great Monday,


Top | Thrifted from Find

Jeans | Handmade by Fables By Barrie

Socks | ModCloth

Necklace | Thrifted

Shoes | ModCloth

Bag | Thrifted from Goodwill

Jacket | My Mum’s from the ’60s

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