My first post on Goodwill International!

Yesterday was a big day for me!

My first monthly post for the Goodwill Industries International blog went live! I’ve been so, so excited about being a contributing writer for their blog because this organization is something that I truly believe in. If you didn’t know, I’ve been working for Goodwill Industries of Northern New England for the past three years and I’ve seen first hand how this wonderful company has not only changed the lives of those in need, but in some cases they’ve even made life possible.

I’m very fortunate to have a lot of opportunities in my life, but some people aren’t so lucky. They may lack the funds or the training to get a suitable home or occupation and without Goodwill they would be left in a very difficult situation. However, through funding from the Goodwill retail stores {if you’ve ever purchased something there then you’ve helped!} I have had the pleasure of watching individuals with disabilities overcome their challenges by receiving training and assistance in good jobs, and finding safe homes. That’s right, the money you spend at Goodwill doesn’t leave your community, it gets reinvested right back into it!

It’s in these funded group homes that I have spent so much of my time, so I know from first hand experience that without Goodwill, a stable life for some individuals would just not be possible. I was a little sad that by moving I would be leaving behind all of the wonderful people that I’ve met while working here, but since I’ll be blogging for them, I guess I’m sort of still in the family. Check out my most recent post for ideas about how you can decorate your home with books thrifted from Goodwill, and make sure you support your local community by looking in their retail stores first whenever you find that you’re in need of something.

Have a fantastic day!


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