Photobooth Friday – No. 34

Snapshots from our week:

 | highlights |

This was a week of goodbyes. On Tuesday night we met up with our friends at Novare Res and took over their back room with giggles and good times. I will miss that crew so, so much when we’re gone. They’re a dynamic group of friends that understand our unique humor and share so many of our interests that it’s uncanny. I always thought that Ryan and I were unlike anyone else, but we really feel like we fit in with our Howard Street/Congress Street/Thunderflat/Fort Sheridan friends. I know we won’t soon find friends as amazing as these.

As if those goodbyes weren’t bittersweet enough, on Wednesday night a party was thrown in our honor at work. A lot of our co-workers were present and all of the clients that we’ve been assisting for the past three and four years, too. It felt good to look around that big room at all of the people we’ve been working with for so long. I think our time in Portland was very well spent.

I’ve been feeling a lot like a lame duck, these past weeks. We still have time left here, but not enough that we could really start up new projects or plan new contributions. My focus has shifted to our new life, but we’re still here sitting in the old one waiting for Monday to come. And the ocean wind has been blowing fiercely as though it, too, can sense the change.

At this time next week I’ll be writing from New Hampshire!


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