For the Mister | Product Spotlight

Countdown ’til shop reopening: 3 days!

Before I opened up shop, I wanted to share my products here for you to see! A little preview never hurt anyone, did it? Plus, it’s been forever since I’ve posted and I couldn’t stay away any longer. These are the things that I’ve been working super hard on lately, and I’ll be carrying in my shop for sirs! Ladies, I’ll share what I’ve got in store for you either tomorrow or Wednesday. Try not to get your knickers in a twist until then – ha!

The stock shelf in my studio space is full of accessories just waiting for new homes. As you know, if you’re in Portland, Maine, you can purchase some of my ties at Find or the Merchant Company, but I’ll have an even greater selection available in my Etsy shop on Thursday! I can’t wait to show you some of the beautiful vintage fabrics I’ve been working with!

See you for more details tomorrow 🙂


5 thoughts on “For the Mister | Product Spotlight

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Eee! I’m so excited to hear from you! No internet means a very isolated Julia. I’ve been loving it, but missing reading my favourite blogs {like yours!}. I hope we get to chat more soon! I’ll post about my girl stuff tomorrow or Wednesday!


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