Photobooth Friday – No. 36

Our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

So I was expecting that in this post one of the highlights would be my shop reopening. Instead, it’s the silliness that is signing up for fast internet in a rural setting. I’m kidding myself here, right? Our internet was supposed to be turned on on the 9th so I could open up my Etsy shop on the 10th. Instead, it’s the morning of the 11th, and the web is still touch and go. It’s okay for little things like twitter and facebook, but uploading huge images in bulk is not something that bad internet is good for. So I’m going to stop setting deadlines for the shop opening and just sing it from a mountain top {I certainly do have my choice of these!} when I am finally ready to go.

Although the weather has been gray and rainy for about two weeks straight now, there have been some breaks in the clouds that allowed us to rototill our garden. Since our new apartment is right on a river + in the center of town, there isn’t any space to plant here, so we’re using some of my parents’ land. My Mom was telling me about one spring when I was very little {I can’t remember it at all, but she says I was about three or four} where my sister and I planted the entire family garden by ourselves. It was a beautiful day, and for some reason that was all we needed. She showed us how to dig holes and put in the seeds or seedlings, then cover them up again, and the two of us did the entire thing. It’s that same plot of land that Ryan + I are calling ours this summer and while he turned the Earth there last weekend I couldn’t believe how big that spot was and I’m excited to see how much it yields for us. This will be a wonderful summer.

Happy Friday.


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