Photobooth Friday – No. 37

Our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

I’m getting used to the view from our bedroom window: pine trees. This is, ironically, something I really missed when I lived in the Pinecone + Chickadee State. Funny how things like that work. Speaking of which, we took the Maine plates off of our car this week and updated them with fresh New Hampshire ones. Slowly but surely we are updating the things that need updating and making ourselves at home again.

I am definitely getting used to seeing my best friend more often. The other day I spent the whole day at her house mostly chatting, but we also got a little bit of our respective projects done, and it felt good to do some of that with someone else around. Usually when I work on my Etsy or blogging stuff I’m alone while Ryan is at work. Such a nice change.

We got to plant part of our garden on Sunday with a little help from our footsy-pajamaed niece, LG. She’s 3 now and other than getting distracted by little critters who came across our planting path, she was of great assistance dropping one little seed in every hole we made, then carefully covering it up with her tiny hands. She did have a bit of an accident later in the night, so she asked my sister and I if she could borrow some of our clothes {that we haven’t worn in 20+ years} that my Mom still had hanging around. She left in a vintage half-apron of my grandmother’s – bare bum in the back -, a sunhat that belonged to a doll, a tank top that my sister wore as a little, and a sweatshirt that said “JULIA” in puff paint across the front {one of my favourite pieces of art work at that age}. She  has such a wonderful little personality.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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