An afternoon in the park

One of the things that we liked about living in the city

was that everything was within walking distance. Turns out, though, that living in a small town is even better. There’s only one of everything (post office, grocery store, library, park, diner) so there is less variety, but they’re all even closer together than they are in cities and much less populated.

Yesterday we walked out our front door and past just two buildings before arriving at our town’s little park and spent some time there reading. We had the whole place to ourselves minus one couple who came in just to eat their lunch then were on their way again, oh, and a pair of Canada geese. We don’t have a Target, Walmart, or ten different pizza places, but it’s still incredibly convenient to live here.

There’s also the most perfect sitting tree in our park. How very Huck Finn-y! Although I was wearing a white dress, I still tried to climb it – it’s that irresistible. Turns out this particular tree is not so good for climbing in dresses {unless you don’t mind a little exposure}, so I let Ryan have the tree to himself and I occupied the blanket below.

We’re off on a walk to the post office now, then to work on our garden. It’s much too nice a May day to stay inside any longer.

Enjoy your Monday!


2 thoughts on “An afternoon in the park

  1. Gaby says:

    I’ve often wondered how I would like living in a small town so I really enjoyed this post! The shot of the quilt is just lovely x

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thank you! Every little town is different, but I think we’ve found just the right one for our needs right now. I grew up in another small town not far from here, and my experience as a child was ideal. I’m glad you enjoyed the post – I update often about our life here so I hope you keep reading!


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