Photobooth Friday – No. 38

Our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

We can finally smell the first sweet breezes of summer! Although today is a bit dreary, the last week or so has for the most part been gorgeous. Ryan + I have started running again, and are really excited to explore some of the woodland trails that snake between a quiet stream and some rusty old railroad tracks just outside of town. I love running under bright green leaves, and it’s even better when there’s clean, clear water running next to us.

Our radishes have sprouted up so quickly! And our peas are not far behind. It feels like we’ll be eating from our garden sooner than we had thought. All of this rain sure has been great for one thing – waking the Earth up from its long winter slumber. With our ingredients sorting themselves out as I type, Ryan + I are getting more excited for the debut of our cooking blog in June! It’ll be a seasonal-ish vegetarian recipe blog using as much of our own garden as is possible. We’ve done locavore summers twice {2010, 2011} and will still be eating mostly within New England, but our focus is going to be sharing some of our favourite foods with you! I’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Oh, yes! I’ve also made my first shop sales! The very first came in the week I reopened, but since then I’ve had three more – two of which were orders including multiple listings! I’ve got high hopes for this shop of mine. I’m also really excited this week because I’ll be hosting a giveaway for Shabby Apple right here on the blog! Incredible, no? You may want to head to their website now to find your favourite things, then make sure you’re here on Tuesday to officially enter the contest! I’d hate for you to miss out on this – they have such cute stuff {and, they donate a portion of their profit to help women worldwide}!

Good day, my dears!


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