Time for a best friend break.

When life gets tough…

have a best friend day. I was able to snap a couple of photographs this morning while waiting for my BFF to arrive so we could settle into the couch with steaming cups of coffee, paint our nails, dream of living in London, and entertain our wildest ideas. Of course, the book + poetry chat wasn’t far behind. These are just the types of days that are so important to my well-being and we try to have one such BFF day every week.

Time with an old friend is like a time-out from life. It’s a way of pressing pause on all the big/scary/intimidating/stressful real life events and focusing instead on the tiny little things that get the kids inside of us all riled up. Bouncing ideas around inside our own head only does so much, and in order for them to develop further it is oh-so-necessary to say them out loud. That’s where a best friend comes in.

So, my blog reading friends, be inspired and do amazing things with your life, but know also when you need to take a breather and schedule some downtime with a close friend. By the way, cats and/or Molly Ringwald will certainly count seeing as they, too, provide the comfort + familiarity of an old friend. Happy relaxing!



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