…say thank you to the people who love you.

Say thank you to the people who have encouraged you, supported you, and put up with you throughout the years. Perhaps I’m just feeling a little nostalgic today, but I have to feel full and happy when I think about the people in my life. This past week has been stressful for me. I’ve put in more hours than I usually do, worked eight days straight, gotten up earlier than I’d like to, and neglected my blog {sorry, readers!}, so I was pretty run down and tired by Tuesday night when I finally came home to start my weekend. But yesterday and today have both been amazing. I’ve been reminded of what makes me me and why it’s so important to know these things. I’ve spent most of both days doing the same things that I would have done as a 10 year old – visiting my best friend’s Nana for afternoon tea, sitting in her shady childhood house looking out at the lake, running errands with my Dad, marveling at the brilliance of the White Mountains, and somehow those were just the things I needed to do to feel refreshed. I also spent about a half an hour looking through my high school yearbook, reading comments that others had left me and looking at pictures of those good ol’ days. It’s amazing to think of how my day to day activities have changed so much since then, but that on the inside I still feel like the very same person. I’m happy to know who I am and to have people who love that person.

I’m sure the eighteen year old “punk” show loving, lyric scrawling me would at first be shocked to see 2012 Julia, but once we sat down together over a coffee and a glass bottled coke, we’d recognize each other pretty immediately. After all, we both love and are loved by the same people. We both like fresh air and green leaves better than anything else, we both would rather bushwhack our own way through life – as difficult as that may be – than take a path someone else padded down, and we both have a really soft spot in our hearts for puppies {which I’m happy to say I have been getting a good fix of lately}. And, we both would not be the people that we are/were without the love and support of our best friends and our family. Thank you {You know who you are and who I am}.


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