Photo Booth Friday – No. 42

Our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

Summer has hit us hard here in the Lakes Region {if you couldn’t tell from all of the beach snapshots}! It’s been almost 100° F and muggy, so I was lucky to have some time at Camp where the water was cool and the grill was hot – two of my very favourite things. I did have to pay my dues and by spending hours in the garden weeding previous to my dip. But I was quite happy to see that our radishes and lettuce are both ready to be picked! We’ll be away until Tuesday, so I’m hoping my parents help themselves lest those babies just turn into compost!

It is rather comical that a momma turkey and her littluns have taken it upon themselves to enjoy some of our spoils when we’re not around. Several times now when we’ve arrived, we’ve had to chase them from our food supply and shake our fingers at them. Momma turkey does not take kindly to this type of discipline and has actually charged at Ryan in her fury! She’s pretty lucky that we’re vegetarians, otherwise I can imagine another farmer serving his family Thanksgiving dinner in the beginning of summer to pay her back for her antics.

Now Ryan + I are gearing up for our trip to Sunset Hill House! I’ll be sharing our adventures with you every day and you can like them on facebook to make sure that you don’t miss a beat seeing as I’ll be linking every blog post on their facebook page! I do need your help, though, with choosing my next book to read. I’m pretty close to polishing off Mrs. Dalloway, and I’m not sure where to go next. We’ll surely have plenty of time to spend between pages while we’re away, so I’ll be bringing a few options with me for when I’ve finished my current read. I’d love your opinion! {Check out my full reading list here.}

Can’t wait to share our vacation with you!


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