Vacation Day 1!

We’ve only been here for 24 hours, but it sort of feels like home.

Of course, that may have to do with the fact that I grew up – and currently live – not too far away, but it’s remarkable that I’ve never actually been to Sugar Hill before! Everyone we meet asks us where we’re visiting from, and when we tell them they say “Oh, that’s just down the road!” The drive up yesterday was fantastic. Mother Nature hadn’t decided {and still hasn’t!} whether she’s ready to pour down on us, or whether the sun will keep shining, but so far we really can’t complain.

As we drove through the mountains, sun showers sprinkled our windshield and caused the hot pavement to radiate a fine steam – so beautiful. Living here never gets old. We arrived in the afternoon, checked in, found our room, and were blown away by the beauty of the Inn and the mountains it’s nestled within. We both feel so fortunate to have this opportunity and I’m especially happy that the owners Nancy and Lon are so inviting and have encouraged us to share every little nook + cranny of the Inn with you. First, have a peek at our beautiful room:

My absolute favourite part is the antique refrigerator that serves as a dresser for those who’d like to unpack. What an interesting way to add a little functional personality to the room and pay homage to the place’s roots. The Inn has been open since around 1880, and with the lovely little keyholes, glass doorknobs, occasional narrow wood panelling, and other details, it’s easy to imagine how the place looked and felt one hundred years ago {but, more on the history of the Inn later…}.

The gorgeous tile flooring is to die for, and, of course, the jacuzzi tub doesn’t hurt either. But the most amazing thing about our room is the view. From my pillow this morning I watched the sunrise without even raising my head, and we can spy Cannon Mountain, Franconia Ridge, and even Mount Washington from our little apartment.

Now as I type, I sit snugly in our space watching the clouds roll in between the White Mountains. The peaks are obscured and the sound of heavy drops is beginning to increase in between thunder claps. Ryan + I are very much looking forward to spending this thunderstorm-y evening sitting on the long covered porch and feeling the electricity of the weather all around us.

What a show Mother Nature is putting on for us this weekend!


P.s. I’m snapping photos all day long on Instagram and sharing – follow me if you’d like to @juliastrawberry !

4 thoughts on “Vacation Day 1!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thanks! It is quite beautiful! I’ll share more tomorrow. You should like their facebook page, too, for more details!


    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      It certainly is + we will! I’ll be sharing more details about the Inn like its Grand Hotel history and eco-friendly actions – interesting stuff! Stay tuned 🙂


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