The Sunset Hill House’s environmental efforts.

As in my shop, I try to keep my life as environmentally conscious as possible.

Yes, even this vacation we’ve been on for the last few days has an eco-air about it – surprised? I was, too! I first heard about the Sunset Hill House this winter, and seeing that they had several programs to do their part for the environment was really what made me want to come for a stay. Here’s how they’re going green:

Energy consumption | All of the hot water for the Inn is heated with energy harnessed from the solar panels up on the roof! Guests are also encouraged to reuse their bath towels throughout their stay to reduce the amount of water that is used.

Land conservation | Sunset Hill House sits on 60 acres of land that have been added to a conservation trust preventing the land from being developed. Not only does this help to protect all of the native New Hampshire plants and animals that live in Sugar Hill, but it also helps to preserve the beautiful view. There’ll be no paving of this paradise any time soon!

In the kitchen | During the growing season all of the veggies are purchased from local farms, and several menu items are based around foods that are seasonally available. The coffee that is served is organic, fair trade, and locally roasted by an independent business: New Hampshire coffee {Click the link to see the Inn’s owner}!

In the gift shop | Many of the gifts available for purchase are from local businesses and use natural ingredients. As well as offering New Hampshire coffee, they also have New Hampshire maple syrup from Fuller’s Sugar House in Lancaster, and items from other independent businesses like Sage’s Fairy Garden and Thyme to Heal.

Toiletries + laundry | The toiletries available for guests to use and the laundry facilities on site are also eco-friendly! The bar soap {missing the center which is the part usually wasted} may be a bit cheeky, but a point is made and all of the packaging is recycled and biodegradable – an excellent quality, especially when products must be refreshed with each new guest thus creating a lot of waste.

For their efforts, the Inn has earned an award and they have even helped to establish a Statewide program to encourage sustainable lodging and dining. For more details about their work, take a peek at this link. It’s fortunate that this Inn is a comfortable and considerate place to stay since the rain has kept Ryan + I inside most of today. We’ve been lounging around with our books, comfy sweaters + flannel, and there may or may not be some take-out from a local Thai place involved…

Hope you’re well!


6 thoughts on “The Sunset Hill House’s environmental efforts.

  1. erindaley says:

    Those lupines are beautiful. I saw on television the other night that the White Mountain area is famous for it’s lupines. It must be gorgeous!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      It really is! We were there just at the end, so we missed the most brilliant colours, but it was still so beautiful!


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