Photo Booth “Friday” – No. 44

our week in snapshots:

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Although I’m posting this a day late, it was a wonderful week. We saw lots of old friends and got lots of sun – my two favourite summertime activities. For the past couple of days we’ve had Liz + Andy over visiting from Maine, and Pam + Rob are up in the Lakes Region as well, so we all got together to see the fireworks compete with lighting for airspace over the lake. It was quite a memorable moment. We thought for awhile that we might not make it at all because I was closing the shop that night and it was quite a drive to where our friends were watching. But we pulled in just after the fireworks started and were able to enjoy most of it with our friends.

The wedding on Sunday went just about the same way, I jetted out of the door at work the moment I could, and we flew two hours South to park our car only minutes before the bride walked down the aisle. Luckily the wedding was outside, so there were no creaky doors to open to distract attention while we snuck in. The weather was beautiful, and the company was great. I always so much enjoy weddings.

But yesterday was my favourite day this summer by far. I had a conference call in the morning to make plans for the Goodwill Summer Conference session that I’ll help to host in August, and then a chance to catch up on a little bit of work. Ryan came home just around 1:30, and we gathered our beach stuff and headed back toward my hometown. Andy + Liz had been perusing around shops while they waited for us to arrive, then we all spent hours at my camp swimming, canoeing, and exploring our littlest island. The blueberries were ripe + ready, and I had so many that my tongue turned purple. It was ideal.

We finished the evening with ice cream from our favourite little creamery tucked away in the middle of the woods {the drive is half the fun!}, then hopped back up to our town and had dinner and drinks on the veranda of our neighborhood restaurant. By the time the four of us arrived back at the apartment, there was hardly time for tea before each one of us started to drift off. I did, however, get a fantastically deep sleep, and when I woke I was finally ready to report to you our week.

I hope yours was just as lovely.


5 thoughts on “Photo Booth “Friday” – No. 44

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thanks! I had them made from someone on Etsy (the tags, that is). There’s no real story behind the Alice dress, sadly. I bought it in Portland when I worked in a store there. I had stared at it for months before actually biting the bullet to buy it! I’m always so cautious before spending money!


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