1950s beachwear guide

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Today I’m going to do something a little different. I’ve never had a guest poster before, but since the last few weeks here in New England have been immensely hot, I thought a beach-y post would be the perfect way to cool down. So, Mary from We Heart Vintage has used her expertise to compile a brief guide to the perfect 1950s beach look!
If you’ve never heard of We Heart Vintage before, you most definitely need to have a look. Each post is concise and visual, so it’s just the right amount of information and inspiration to get me excited about vintage style. Thanks for guest posting, Mary!

This month marks the 66th anniversary of the bikini. On July 5th 1946 French Engineer Louis Reard unveiled his daring invention and fashion has been enamoured with it ever since!

The bikini has been wildly popular ever since but now we’ve flashed as much flesh as possible there’s a growing trend for vintage-inspired swimwear.

So here’s my guide to getting that perfect 1950s beach look:
50s swimsuits were cotton, which wasn’t terribly practical for the beach (but was miles better than wool which was used until the 30s!) For a fifties look go for a straight or sweetheart neckline (you can also add a detachable halter strap) and low-cut skirted briefs.
The 1950s really were a time for rejoicing in colour, so enjoy yourself and go for something as bold and beautiful as you dare: ginghams, animal prints and floral patterns were really popular.
Bikinis followed similar rules – high-waisted and low cut or skirted bikini briefs matched with halter-neck tops and beautiful bold prints.
To top off the look get yourself a straw coolie hat or bathing cap! I know a bathing cap might seem unappealing but nothing will protect your hair from sea salt, sand and sun quite as well and it definitely gives you that vintage look!
To finish off the look get some straw accessories, a pair of wedges and some cats eye sunglasses and you’re all set to look fifties-tastic on the beach!

Mary is a dedicated follower of retro style and blogs about vintage fashion and photography at We Heart Vintage . – Check it out!

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