Photo Booth Friday – No. 47

our week in snapshots:

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This week Ryan + I discovered a secret farmer’s market in the middle of the woods! There’s a long and winding road that connects our town to the one where Ryan works. We rarely ever take it because it’s narrow and there’s a one lane section that goes under a bridge. Before you go through, because you can’t be sure if anyone else is coming from the other direction due to the fact that the road beneath the bridge is not only unlit, but also curved, you have to stop and honk your horn to let anyone else know that you’re about to go under. Then you’re just crossing your fingers that the person coming in the other direction {if there is anyone} will honk his horn, too, before entering the tunnel. So, we usually avoid this New Hampshire back road. But, coming back from the eye doctor on Monday we decided to give it a try and saw a hand painted sign advertising for a farmer’s market at that exact time. We followed the signs further into the woods and discovered something reminiscent of our happy little markets in Portland, but on a much smaller scale. We came home with some extra fresh veggies and some locally made wine and called it a night with our new favourite show: Colonial House.

I’ve made my final preparations for the Goodwill Summer Conference for which I leave on Tuesday! I’m nervous to speak up on a stage, but was so happy to find out this week at Michelle Smith, the Communications Specialist of Goodwill Industries of Northern New England will be up on stage with me! When I worked for GINNE, Michelle and I bumped into one another occasionally, and found that we have quite a bit in common. Since we met, she’s been so supportive of my dream, and we still connect via the internet even though we’re no longer living in the same State. Yep, that’s the same Michelle who runs the Etsy shop MaineBelle and sponsored my giveaway last week! I’m really excited to see her at the conference and to have one familiar face up there with me on stage!

Rob + Pam’s house is really coming along, and they plan to move in next weekend! That means that both my best friend and Ryan’s best friend will be living within a half-hour of us. Obviously, we squeezed in a little time to help them painting. I can’t wait for them to feel settled and at home in the Lakes Region with us! But the best part of my week? Just a few minutes ago when a car drove by blasting this. Fantastic.

Happy Friday!


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