Photo Booth Friday – No. 48

our last two weeks in snapshots:

| highlights |

The most wonderful thing about these last two weeks, by far, was the Goodwill Summer Conference in Miami Beach. It was unbelievable. For three days I was surrounded by people who, like myself, are in love with thrifting, addicted to making, and always looking for new ways to share ideas. We spent the conference swapping DIYs and sharing funny thrift store stories in the swelteringly hot Florida weather. Now I know why everyone cringed when I told them I was going to Miami in August! I mean, it gets hot in New England in the summer, but not that hot – it was so humid that walking outside felt like swimming.

Still, staying in the Art Deco district forced me to venture outside. Just from my window in the Loews hotel I could see hundreds of beautiful vintage signs glittering in fancy scripts. The architecture of the buildings was a dream, and these towering structures came in every color imaginable! It was absolutely fantastic. The clothing style, however, was a different story. I guess Ryan + I stuck out like two sore thumbs because people kept asking us where we were from! Even amongst the other tourists we truly did look out of place.

My presentation went swimmingly {Of course, the sangria they served us didn’t hurt my comfort level up there}! I was nervous every second right up until I was introduced and stepped out onto the stage. But being up on there with Evette and Jenna – two of the other Goodwill bloggers – felt natural and fun. They were both sweet and supportive and so interesting! I’d love it if the whole group of us, behind the scenes people, too, could see each other much more often.

Of course, the trip home wasn’t quite as wonderful. There are no direct flights from Miami to New Hampshire {go figure!}, so we had a scheduled stop in Atlanta. However, Georgia was seeing incredible storms, so our flight to was delayed…causing us to miss our flight from. So, we spent the night in the world’s busiest airport, caught a very early morning flight up to Michigan {I know, right?}, waited for our final flight back to the Shire which was, again, delayed due to weather. Since our return we’ve been getting back to normal life and trying to catch up on everything that we missed. We came home to find our garden bursting with fresh veggies ready to be picked, and snacked ourselves silly while we plunked little snap peas, green beans, and cucumbers into our colander. We swapped palms for pines, took Atlas to the vet – much to his dismay – and tried our very best to battle the moisture in this basement apartment of ours. But, enough about me…

How was your week?


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