Photo Booth Friday – No. 49

our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

It’s the end of August and already we can feel the chill of autumn at night. At first I thought it didn’t seem fair. I moved back to the Lakes Region to be closer to the water and woods, yet the summer has passed so quickly I feel as though I’ve hardly had a chance to enjoy them. But the romance of harvest time is sneaking its way back into my mind with every chilly night, so with one more good swimming, reading, lounging on the beach day I think I’ll be ready for the fall. We discovered the cutest little coffee shop on our day off where I can visualize us sitting, sipping coffee, and looking out on the tiny town as the Earth prepares itself for hibernation. By the way, let it be said that my friend Claire always knows the best spots way before I discover them. She told me about this cafe years ago, but somehow I never tried it until the bakery that Ryan delivers bread for asked us to meet them there this week!

We also celebrated our 5 year anniversary, I’d say that’s quite a feat! I know that for many five years may seem just a tiny fraction of time, but we’ve come a long way from where we started and are proud of what we have learned about ourselves and each other along the way. That is something to celebrate. He really is quite the guy! Last weekend we found a pallet on the side of the road, and in only a little more than an hour, he whipped it into a new table! We thought at first it might be a work bench or place for plants to sit in the window, but we’ve been eating all of our meals off of it since he hauled it inside, reworked.

I hope your weekend is wonderful.


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