Photo Booth Friday – No. 50

our week in snapshots:

| highlights |

The nights this week have been cold. I mean, so cold that we’ve had to close the windows, the heat has kicked on, and the cats follow us around the house trying to snuggle at every moment. Autumn is trying its best to sneak its way in, but summer puts up a good fight, still, during the day. Labor Day is this coming Monday which around here means the tourists go home. When the tourists go home, that’s the end of the summer. At least I still have my crickets to keep me company!

On Monday we got to see Sunnyfield Bakery and help out with baking some bread! Ryan helps a little with part of the delivery route, and so they invited us to come inside the bakery and see how things are done. Lost somewhere among the trees (it took us quite awhile and several circles and phone calls to finally find the place!) an old New England house looks out on the bakery’s namesake fields with sprawling mountains in the distance. A small crew (just three people!) spread out the dough, section it off, weighed it on an old balance scale, pat it into the right shape and pop it in their big brick oven to bake. While Ryan + I helped, we all chatted about book binding, blacksmithing, and how working in this setting definitely beats an office job. On the way home from the bakery we stopped off at one of my all time favourite farms to pick up some fresh ears of corn for dinner.

At home, we’ve been making some comfort foods for the cool nights. Ryan, of course, springs for pizza, but I opt for quiche on my nights to cook. This week I made my best crust yet and I can’t wait to try it out on pies in the upcoming months. I think my Grandma might be proud.

Have a great weekend,


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