Photo Booth Friday – No. 52

our week in snapshots:

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Right now I can feel the sun on my face even though it isn’t. It’s that slight sting that lingers after you’ve spent some time outside and it’s definitely a highlight from this week. I have managed to pass the whole summer without a sunburn {a good thing, yes}, but yesterday brought a bit of pink to my skin and I love that. I loved this week.

On Sunday my parents, Ryan, and I walked down to the place where we’ll most likely have our wedding. I couldn’t think of anywhere more meaningful to make such a special commitment than on the shores of the lake where I grew up so we’re in the process of reserving this perfect location. Our vision for the big day is solidifying and coming together already! It’s wild how quickly these things happen once you’ve decided it’s what you want.

My bff and I made a trip back to Portland to do some major thrifting and it was such a wonderful time! We covered two States and hundreds of topics, then finished the day with a trip to her new house! She’ll be moving a little bit closer to us by October and I’m already in love with her house! I think I’ll be making as many visits to her place as she’ll let me make, it’s that lovely.

Being in Portland was a little sad. Although we were only there for a couple of hours, I saw so many familiar faces and realized that although New Hampshire is my home, Portland sort of is, too. When we drove through my old neighborhood, past my old job, I was so tempted to turn left into our old driveway, but then remembered that we didn’t live there anymore. I loved that neighborhood and do miss it a little. That was a great time in our life, the Portland years, I’m so happy we did everything that we did while we were there.

And yesterday I had a meeting at a coffee shop with Ryan’s boss! It looks like I’ll be doing some work with them that I couldn’t be any more excited about! I love local business, and this one is even more special than most. To be a part of it would be an honor and I’ll be doing what I really love – blogging! So, so happy to get started!

I think this was the best week of the whole summer.


4 thoughts on “Photo Booth Friday – No. 52

  1. Julia (@itsjust_julia) says:

    You (& Ryan!) can visit any time you’d like. Richard says it’s the perfect place to write and make music. The house breathes creative energy. Also, it’s on 15 acres of land, so I foresee many woodland adventures in our near future!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Thank you, dearie. That is the best! I want to live in the little house just down the road from you! I’m so excited to come visit and that you finally have a home as creative, independent, and special as you!


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