Photo Booth Friday – No. 53

our week in snapshots:

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Yesterday was my first day working as the social media manager for the little natural foods store where Ryan works! I plugged away at my new desk bulking up their online presence {obviously something I love!}. It’s so wonderful to work for an organization that I really believe in – the owner of the store believes that her shop should be a resource where farmers and families can come together to work for the greater health of their community in so many ways – from eating healthy, to supporting financially, to lowering our negative impact on the Earth {pollution, etc.}. I also didn’t hate that Ryan + I get to commute to and from work together, and that we can keep each other company during lunch. This is how things should be!

The weather man gave us warnings for frost the other night which means that our garden, for the most part, is on its last leg. It did well this summer, especially for our first try, but I’m a little sad to think that it’s over for the year. Of course, our kale will keep on giving, but the rest of the goodies will likely start their work as compost for next summer’s garden.

My Mom had a significant birthday on Wednesday! Well, significant, I guess, if you’re a Beatles fan. We all went out for dinner, and my dad re-wrote the lyrics to this song so they were all about my parents’ life together, then he, Ryan + I sang it in the middle of the restaurant. Surprisingly, I wasn’t as embarrassed as I probably should have been, ha! It was a cute moment and my Mom smiled through the whole song. Dad had even planned ahead and handed her a bottle of wine at the moment that we sang that line – cute.

Hoping you’re all well on this sunny Friday!


4 thoughts on “Photo Booth Friday – No. 53

  1. aubinatturtleloveco says:

    Congratulations on your new job! Also, happy birthday to your mother- the song you guys sang for her sounds adorable!

  2. Joy says:

    congrats on your new job! I tell you, I didn’t realize how much better and important it was to eat natural foods until I had organic peanut butter. Changed my life!

    • Jeeze, Julia! says:

      Glad to hear it, Joy! It really is very important. They say, pay the farmer now or the doctor later – so, so true. Eating well can seem expensive at first, but then when you never get sick and you always feel great, you realize it pays off!


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