September Giveaway with Prismatic Therapy – CLOSED.

This month is an extra special giveaway with my old friend Ben!

His shop is so much fun to poke around. He’s got lots of basic tees with appliques of States, geometric shapes, or anatomy – so neat. Each image has a hidden pocket in it and he just started offering his tees fitted for ladies. I know you’ll love them.

I must admit that I feel a bit guilty. I convinced him to make a Maine shaped tee a few years ago when I was living there and still haven’t bought one for myself – doh. Perhaps he’ll come up with a New Hampshire one now that I live here again? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

The very generous sir has offered one lucky winner a $25 voucher for his shop! That means you can pick out whichever teeshirt you like the best and have it entirely for free. Super exciting stuff. All you have to do to enter is visit his shop then comment on this post to let me know which one you’d pick if you won. You’ve got until Wednesday night {September 26th} to make your choice! Make sure you do come back sometime next week to see if you’ve won, though. Last month my winner didn’t check in and she missed out on her prize – no fun.

Good luck to everyone who participates! May the random number generator Gods be in your favor! Oh, yes, while you’re over at Ben’s make sure you tell him I say “hi!”

Are you feelin’ lucky?


P.s. This giveaway is now closed! Check back in sometime next week to find out who won!

16 thoughts on “September Giveaway with Prismatic Therapy – CLOSED.

  1. Lei says:

    Hi Julia,
    I Love the shirt with the heart pocket on it, so when it is worn, people will know that I wear my heart, not on my sleeve, but where it belongs.

  2. Kayla says:

    Ooh! Clearly, the toast pocket t-shirt belongs in my closet… looks as though I subscribed to your blog at a pretty fancy time! ;D

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I’m looking forward to following along!

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