Photo Booth Friday – No. 54

our week in snapshots:

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I read an article recently about stress. Obviously we all have stressors in our life, and they’re all relative, but in this article it said that the retired community is the least stressed of all Americans, and women in their 20s are the most. Huh. I have to say that I kind of felt a little better reading that because there’s a lot of figuring-out to do at my age, and at least I’m not the only one dealing with it. That certainly isn’t exclusive to women, we must just handle our stress differently than men, but it none-the-less made me feel a little less alone. Interesting, no?

I was absolutely captivated the other day at work when I accidentally glanced out a window and my eye caught on a flaming maple. Maples are the most beautiful trees in the fall. On the drive to work with Ryan yesterday our car climbed and dipped along the loopy back-woods road consistently being showered with fluttering yellow leaves. It was surreal. We have taken a liking to that scary road I described a few months ago. You know, the road with the one lane tunnel under the curved stone bridge? That part is still slightly terrifying. My heartbeat increases whenever we pull up to it, stop, roll down our window and honk our horn to warn anyone else that may be about to enter the tunnel from the other side. But the rest of the road makes up for it with its lakeside meandering and all of those gorgeous trees.

We caught the most fantastic estate sale on Saturday! I was so in love with the house, the yard, the pieces being divvied out, but on the other hand, thinking of the woman who spent so many of her years there and now has to be moved into a nursing home was heartbreaking. So many little memories handed out to strangers. We excitedly accept them and fill our house that will one day also be distributed in such a way. Everything is cyclical. We must each do our best to live a life that we truly enjoy. It’s so, so important.

Happy Friday,


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