A Free Spring Wallpaper!

I’m in the mood for a pop of colour!

So, I whipped up this lively desktop image. Of course, there’s no use keeping it to myself so you’re welcome to download it and use it as your own wallpaper during these first few moments of spring. My desktop has a tendency to become incredibly messy so every so often I need to pick a pretty new wallpaper that will inspire me to clean up a bit. I hope you love this as much as I do!

You’re all that + a cup of tea, my dears.


To download | Click the image to make it large. When it has loaded fully, drag it to your desktop or right click and choose “Use image as desktop picture”. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A Free Spring Wallpaper!

  1. Marsha Ames (@marshasmiles) says:

    Julia! The wallpaper is so cute, it graces my desktop now and I can seek the polkadots peek out behind the browser window. Thank you! I also noticed that you now have your own domain!!! So wonderful! I look forward to tea on Wednesday!
    Love, Marsha

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